Running your company is a lifelong adventure.

Shackleton Growth is a unique investment firm that aims to acquire one small company and grow it over the very long-term. We bring committed capital, leadership talent & experienced advisors together to steer your business into the future.

Dan Taylor

Founder and Managing Partner

I'm an experienced business leader. I founded a marketing data business, scaled Wayfair's private label operations to more than $200 million in revenue, and provided financial support to hundreds of small businesses across the country.

But more importantly, I'm also an adventurer. Whether kayaking, kitesurfing, or backpacking, adventure is in my DNA.

I've combined my passions for business and adventure to dedicate to the greatest journey of all: leading your company into the next generation.

What we are all about

Long-Term Commitment

The most worthy goals are also the hardest. It takes years of concerted effort to achieve goals -- the results are not measured over a day, a month, or a year, but over decades. I launched Shackleton Growth to achieve this sustained effort in one small/ mid-size business.

Sustainable Growth

Some buyers out there like to buy companies to flip them. That's not me. My goal is to grow your business over many decades. Inch by inch, mile by mile, the goal is to take a strong, small company and turn it into an even stronger one for the long-term.

Bottomless Passion

I love building companies and my passion fuels me. I want to wake up every day and harness the full extent of my energy to grow your business. All that energy I spend on kitesurfing, hiking, and kayaking? I want to spend it on your company instead.

We endeavor to acquire a single company between $1 and $5 million of pre-tax net profit (EBITDA) in the United States.

Owner goals

I plan to take an active leadership role with the business, so we're best suited for business owners selling in order to retire or step back from the day-to-day. If this sounds like you, I hope to help you achieve 3 things-

1) Create a strong financial outcome for you to sell or retire.

2) Maintain your business success and continue your legacy as an entrepreneur.

3) Take care of your employees, customers, and other business partners.

Company Size

I am focused on companies with pre-tax net profit between $1 million and $5 million. That's a sweet spot where I can put my skills to use.


I've worked with business owners across hundreds of industries, and we are looking for a great business with an owner who is ready to move on to their own "next" adventure.


We are focused on growth regions of the United States and open to the right growing business in nearly any US location.

Why the name Shackleton?

Ernest Shackleton is one of the most celebrated explorers of all time. He rallied a crew to sail with him on four daring expeditions to the Arctic--one of which saw them lose their boat to the ice, but not a single life was lost as he led the team North for over a year.

Like Ernest Shackleton, my goal is to rally people--serve customers and invest in employees.

Because we can sail a company further together than we ever could apart.

Coincidentally, it's also my middle name.

Investors & Advisors

Tim Ludwig

Tim is a Co-Founder and Partner of Majority Search. Tim is also the founder of Ohana Capital, a private holding company through which he has invested in over 80 search funds since 2007. Tim also owns three companies in the business services, healthcare, and transportation industries. Before Tim began investing in search funds, he was an executive at a diversified real estate company, consulted with Arthur Andersen and a middle-market manufacturing company, founded two online publishing companies, and held positions with Dell and a venture-backed start-up. Tim graduated from The College of Wooster, received his MBA from the University of Michigan, and lives in San Diego.

Justin Burris

Justin is a Co-Founder and Partner of Majority Search. Before founding Majority Search, Justin was an investment professional at BDT Capital Partners, a merchant bank that advises and invests in many of the world’s largest founder- and family-owned companies. During his tenure at BDT, Justin worked with family companies across a broad range of industries while living in Chicago, New York City, London, and Montreal. Justin graduated from Dartmouth College and lives in New York City.